I love writing the Time Is Irreverent series of novels, because the characters allow me to demonstrate how things would be different with a single change to history. For instance, in the first novel time-traveling protagonists Marty Mann and Nellie Dixon show how life today would be different if Christianity hadn’t taken hold, and in Time Is Irreverent 3: Gone for 16 Seconds (to be published April 1st), Marty and Nellie will go back in time to kidnap Ronald Reagan, bring him into the future, and show him how the anti-environmental movement he created affected future generations. Will Reagan change his ways if he gets a second chance?

Consequently, I can’t help but to imagine how different life would be at this moment if just a single item changed and Hillary Clinton defeated Trump in 2016. With regards to COVID-19, two things are certain: First, Hillary would have America better prepared for the virus and save lives. Second, virtually all the evangelical preachers who surround Trump now would instead take to the airwaves and proclaim, “Coronavirus was sent by God to show his displeasure with Hillary’s radical feminist policies! And if you’d like to help God stop her, send a donation to me now!”