Marty’s photo of the day #4670: Now that Nellie’s bionic left-rear leg is totally healed, we are back to all our old pre-surgery routines. One of those routines is a vigorous game of keep-away each morning, where Nellie will grab a stick and run at me full speed, only to dodge my grasp for the stick at the last possible moment. She wins our games 9 out of 10 times. Yesterday, she felt she needed a handicap to make our game more challenging and decided to play keep-away with a tree, instead of a stick!

(For those that don’t know about Nellie’s “bionic” leg: She had TPLO surgery to remove the cranial cruciate ligament in her left-rear leg, refit the bone in her knee, and hold everything together with a metal plate and six screws. After three months of restrictions that included no playing and careful leash walking, she’s now free to run faster and jump higher than Six Million Dollar Man Steve Austin.)