Marty’s photo of the day #3190: This is my wife, Deb, north of the Arctic Circle, demonstrating social distance. Other than me behind the camera, there was likely no other person within fifty miles. The two of us were talking last night, and life during the COVID-19 pandemic won’t change much for us. We live at the edge of the mountains in Montana, with no close neighbors. We are also self-employed, with me being an author/talent agent and she being a weaving teacher/weaving kit designer. It’s nothing for us to not leave our hill or see another person for weeks at a time. Not all is unaffected, however. I have a college speaking tour in April which will likely get cancelled, and Deb will likely experience cancellations of conventions, where she wholesales her weaving kits, and weaving classes that she is always in demand to teach. How much income we will ultimately lose is still to be determined, but we’ll get by.