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The money shot for my Republican friends

Marty’s photo of the day #2564: Yesterday, for my liberal friends, I posted a beautiful aerial shot I took of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Although almost all of my Republican friends have long since had enough of my snarky posts and moved on to safer territory, I still have a few Republican friends. Okay, three that I know of.

Anyway, as I wrote yesterday, for more than 30 years Democrats fought to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and Republicans fought to give it to filthy rich oil companies. This past December Republicans finally won the battle, when congress passed a bill opening the refuge to drilling and President Greed Is Good signed it.

Since the Republicans won, they deserve a picture that is beautiful to them as well. Oil companies haven’t yet started drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, but they have been drilling for years in Prudhoe Bay, just 150 miles to the west. So here it is my Republican friends—the Prudhoe Bay money shot. May you find it just as arousing as President Spank Me found Stormy Daniels.

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