Marty’s photo of the day #4501: I shot this photograph many years ago in New Orleans. I know nothing about this person, but statistically a child would be safer with someone who looks like this than with Christian clergy—a lot safer. So if Republicans really care about children, why are they so bent out of shape about how people dress rather than what they actually do to children?

Overall more than a million children have been sexually molested by Christian clergy. Here in America, people like to put on blinders and pretend it only happens in countries like France and Italy. But here’s and interesting statistic I uncovered while doing research for my latest novel, “Barry and Beth”: The Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis has 222 parishes and 495 priests. In that archdiocese alone, more than 100 priests have been accused of child sexual abuse. Obviously, not every accused priest is guilty, and some are long dead. Even so, the archdiocese settled a lawsuit that required them to pay $210 million to 450 sexual abuse victims.

That’s just one Archdiocese. Now compare that to the zero number of sexual molestations at drag story hours.