Marty’s photo of the day #3992: This has been a depressing week for much of America. First, due to the enabling legislation of Republicans, an 18 year-old was able to shoot up Robb Elementary School with two easily purchased assault rifles, killing 19 children and 2 adults. Then we learned that 20 chicken-shit cops (pigs, actually) were too afraid of getting shot to confront the shooter and waited outside the classroom door for roughly 40 minutes—while children inside were being massacred.

What happened to the “good guy with a gun”? What happened to “protect and serve?”

The pigs will continue to change their story and lie through their teeth, making sure that we never have all the facts. But that’s nothing new. Hell, not too long ago we all watched Derek Chauvin slowly kill George Floyd, and later right-wingers and cop attorneys tried to blame Floyd for his own death.

So with that, I post a happy photo of a baby saw-whet owl that visited my house about a year ago. She makes me happy. Hopefully, she’ll do the same for you, too.