Marty’s photo of the day #4732: Four years ago, this week, Donald Trump was busy fucking up the United States’ response to COVID-19, killing hundreds of thousands of people. All my in-person college speaking gigs were cancelled accept one: Eastern Arizona College. After the college assured me that everyone in the audience would be masked, I decided to do the gig. After all, I had to drive a rental van from Montana to Arizona anyway, to pick up some heirlooms from my deceased mother that were in storage in Sun City.

What does that have to do with this scenic tractor shot? I successfully drove the nearly 3,000-mile round trip from Victor, Montana, to Thatcher, Arizona, without ever using a public bathroom! To do that, I had to look for secluded places to pull off the highway along the way. It was somewhere in Utah that I headed off on a lonely road, searching for a secluded place to pee, and came across this great old tractor. It reminded me of a tractor that my grandpa used to drive.