Marty’s photo of the day #3007: To the average person this is just a group of penguins. So let me—an expert in penguin politics—interpret this photo for you, which I smuggled in from a Russian research facility on Antarctica:

There are both Adélie and gentoo penguins in this image. For years the gentoos have had spies among the Adélies. In fact, the best spy gentoo (the one seen running away in the front) had worked his way so far into the Adélie colony that he could actually learn the plans of the Adélie leader and pass them onto the Gentoo Nation. Unfortunately, Drumpfy, the Gentoo Nation’s bird-brained leader, squawked to an Adélie official (who gained favor by complementing Drumpfy’s plumage) about his own gentoo spy, and now the frightened spy gentoo has to run for his life.