Marty’s photo of the day #4651: This photo, from late October 2020, brings back a lot of memories for me. The COVID-19 pandemic was still in the Trumpy stage, and I got booked to present my show, “Around the World in 90 Minutes,” at Eastern Arizona College. Most of my other college gigs had been canceled due to the pandemic, but they still wanted the show. Coincidently, I had to pick up some of my deceased mother’s effects in storage in Sun City West. So I rented a van big enough to carry everything and drove from Montana to Arizona and back.

I shot this photo somewhere along the way in Arizona, and it makes me remember several things, including how difficult it was to perform a high-energy show while wearing a mask, and nearly rolling the van when a freak ice storm hit Montana on the way home (the rental van had terrible tires). My biggest accomplishment? Driving the entire 3,000 miles without ever using a public restroom. Vaccinations weren’t yet available, and the Trumpers were by and large refusing to wear masks. No way was I getting into a bathroom with them! It took some creative off-road stops, but I made it. And since I returned healthy, my plan obviously worked.