Marty’s photo of the day #4464: This was one of the first campsites on Deb’s and my epic trip to the top of Canada for my first book, Cool Creatures, Hot Planet: Exploring the Seven Continents. Ever since, Deb and I have hoped to redo that 5,572 mile-long adventure. We were going to do it two years ago, but Canada wasn’t letting in Americans because of the COVID-19 pandemic; then last year we got distracted with a return to the American Prairie Reserve.

But we’re ready this time, with updated camping gear, a new Ford Maverick truck that gets almost three times better gas mileage than the F-150 truck we took last time, and even a new dog. Yes, Nellie gets to experience the north of the Arctic Circle adventure in place of Annie (the white lab) and Kate (the golden retriever), who are long gone.

I can’t wait to watch Nellie (who thinks she’s the fastest animal on the planet) kick it into high gear on the open tundra!

We’re about a month away from our adventure. And just like COVID-19 stopped us two years ago, the massive forest fires in Canada could stop us this year. We’ll be reading the fire reports and likely making a last-second decision on whether or not to go for it.