Whenever I write a rant about abhorrent Christian behavior, I have to add “not all Christians” somewhere in the text or I will get nailed. I was thinking about that this morning as I was reflecting on all the new Christian-based laws that are popping up across America. These laws cherry pick the most hate-filled parts of the Bible and paint gays, lesbians, those who are transgender, drag queens, etc. with a broad brush. And not once does the party that spouts Christian values the loudest ever pause to say “not all.”

So as I continue to rant about the religion responsible for the sexual molestations of more than a million children, I will do my best to add “not all.” But it gets more difficult to do so with the passing of each new bigoted law.

Oh, and don’t even think of posting in response that these people “aren’t Christian,” thereby passing the blame onto atheists. While not all Christians are like that, those hate-filled true-believers are still very much Christian. As proof all one need do is look at Christian history. What’s happening now has been happening in various forms since the invention of the religion.