Marty’s photo of the day #3805: I haven’t posted for a while because I have been so busy on my North Dakota/Minnesota college speaking tour. Today’s photo is of a house I passed on the highway just outside of Hutchinson, Minnesota. Even in liberal Minnesota, when you get into the country there are still Trump signs everywhere. It’s amazing how effective Donald Trump was at convincing Republicans to get all scared about people of color and non-Christians. I occasionally stop to take pictures of these displays of ignorance, racism, and hate—and I always make a show of it. That way, the Trumper inside will be paranoid for days that Joe Biden has sent someone from the FBI to spy on them!

And whenever I see these displays, I think about the old ammosexual talking point of “we must have guns to stop a tyrannical government.” Isn’t it interesting that when we had a tyrannical government—under Trump—the ammosexuals loved it. And now that Biden is president, many of the people with the big Trump displays would be happy to take up arms against Biden if they received the call. So much for the tyrannical government excuse for owning guns ever being worth a shit!