Since the rise of Donald Trump, numerous liberal friends have disapproved of my treatment of those in the Trump Cult. While I treat Trumpers with snark, those friends feel that a better way to deal with such people his through friendly conversations and reasoning. Now that we are into year four of the Trump Cult, I’d like to ask: has anyone out there ever successfully reasoned with a Trumper? Has any Trumper ever replied, “When you put it that way—you are right. Trump is a bigot, with dangerous policies that attack human rights, the free press, and the environment. I’m voting Democratic from now on!”?

Of course that hasn’t happened. The vast majority of Trumpers have not advanced intellectually beyond the age of thirteen. That’s why the only way to win is to treat them like thirteen-year-olds. Trumpers showed up at the Michigan Capitol last week with assault rifles, Confederate flags, nooses, and swastikas because it made them feel like they fit in.

For years fuckers like them haven’t cared about killing our planet with global warming, and now they don’t give a shit about spreading COVID-19 and killing thousands. But like a thirteen-year-old, their greatest fear is embarrassment. You can’t reach them all, and the results take time, but I truly believe the only way to reduce their numbers is by outwardly laughing at them. So despite warnings from some liberal friends, I will continue with the snark and say, “Mock on!”

The below video is a perfect example of the mocking we need more of. Enjoy!