Despite quite literally putting a warning on both the Amazon and Goodreads pages for my science-fiction political-comedy, Time Is Irreverent, conservatives keep buying it and are then surprised when they hate it. I should have thought of this marketing tactic years ago: Tell someone not to buy your book and they go, “Oh, yeah? You can’t make me not buy it!”

So even though Time Is Irreverent is well on its way to outselling my two previous books combined, the novel is accumulating a nifty collection of 1-star reviews from conservatives. Today a 1-star review went up on Amazon that accused me of taking a cheap shot at Christianity.

Why is it that these so-called Christians feel it’s perfectly okay to insult other religions and tell non-believers that they are going to burn in hell, yet when I suggest that perhaps people take into account just how primitive people were in the first century, I am the one taking the cheap shot?

You know what is truly a cheap shot at Christianity? Voting for and continuing to support Donald Trump; speaking out for and advocating guns at the expense of the lives of our children; supporting corporate greed over the long-term livability of our planet; and taking the side of bigotry at every turn—all while claiming you have Jesus on your side!

In my next book, Time Is Irreverent 2: Jesus Christ, not Again! Marty Mann and Nellie Dixon will be bringing Jesus to the twenty first century. Without giving away the story, you can imagine how Jesus is going to react to today’s Christians.

In the meantime, if you’ve read Time Is Irreverent and enjoyed it, please go to Amazon and Goodreads and post a review. Although my nifty collection of 1-star reviews is okay, it’s my nifty collection of 5-star reviews that give me the encouragement to keep writing.