The United States and its allies will never kill “the last terrorist.” Middle Eastern terrorists will continue to attack us and our allies, as long as we have a military presence in the Middle East. If you doubt that statement, look up how many times ISIS, Al-Qaeda, or other such groups have attacked Costa Rica (which doesn’t have a military) or Belize.
The United States has active military troops in roughly 150 countries to protect “American interests.” In other words, we have troops and bases overseas mostly to protect oil companies and other giant corporations. Few, if any, of those interests have any direct impact on regular American citizens.
I thought the one positive thing Donald Trump might do was get us out of some of those countries, but obviously that campaign promise was a lie. Isn’t it interesting how presidents of both parties get into office and suddenly change their tune with regards to how we use our military? I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I do wonder what the military tells new American presidents.
In the meantime, the US Military regularly puts on tribute shows at sporting events to get American citizens all hyper-patriotic and compliant for when the next massive spending increase comes down the pike.
These truly are days of living in a world of alternative facts and doing the opposite of what should be done to achieve the desired result. Getting out of the Middle East would not only significantly reduce terrorist attacks, but it would also save us billions. Imagine what a better world we’d have if we took the billions in wasted military funding and, instead, put it toward health care, schools, and renewable energy development.