1) My wife, Deb, and I seldom argue. But when we do, she kicks my ass. I’m good at arguing points in writing, as I have a moment to think things through. In verbal arguments, I all too often come up with the perfect thing to say, ten minutes too late.

2) The two of us are finally watching Breaking Bad. (Late, I know, but I’m not a big TV watcher.)

How are the above items related?

The other night we watched the fourth episode of Breaking Bad’s second season. When Walter and Skyler White got into a big argument, I realized that I was growing far more tense than I should. Then it hit me. The actress playing Skyler had exactly the same mannerisms and facial expressions that my wife has when we argue. I had mentally replaced Walter White in the scene, and was feeling horrible about hiding a very dark secret. And if my ass was going to be kicked, shouldn’t I at least deserve it?

Deb thought my reaction was hilarious. But then, she’s never had to argue with herself—or Skyler White.