Marty’s photo of the day #2123: As mentioned yesterday, Deb and I were out hiking in our backyard (we have a very big backyard), when I found a dead deer. The deer was frozen solid, so I moved it to an open spot in the forest and set up my motion-sensing camera. Initially the action over the deer was disappointing—just some crows and a dog. Now that the weather is warming up, both a coyote and a fox have stopped by for a snack. But I can see from photos of them tugging on it, that the deer is still too frozen for a good meal. I have my fingers crossed that our mountain lion will stop by. This photo isn’t nearly as good as yesterday’s coyote photo, as the fox only visited at night. When it’s dark, my camera shoots in B&W infrared mode, instead of color. What you are looking at is the deer, covered by a blanket of snow, and the fox spraying the deer to claim it as her own.