Marty’s photo of the day #2122: I think I’m going to have some impressive, albeit gross, photos to show you over the next few weeks. About a month ago, Deb and I were out hiking in our backyard (we have a very big backyard), when I found a dead deer that I’m pretty sure a poacher shot. The deer was frozen solid, so I moved it to an open spot in the forest and set up my motion-sensing camera. Initially the action over the deer was disappointing—just some crows and a dog. Now that the weather is warming up, both a coyote and a fox have stopped by to have a snack. But I can see from photos of them tugging on it, that the deer is still too frozen for a good meal. I have my fingers crossed that our mountain lion will stop by. I will post the most interesting shots as I get them, starting with this coyote.