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Spanish broom or . . .

Marty’s photo of the day #3638:

Two days ago:

Marty (to Deb): “Did you see your patch of yellow flowers? They are in full bloom. It’s a little dark now, but tomorrow I’m going to have to photograph them.

Deb: “They are Spanish broom, and I’ll remind you.”


Deb (to Marty): “My Spanish broom is in the sun, if you’d like to photograph them.

Nellie (the dog): “Helps” me photograph the flowers by making sure either she or her shadow are in most of them.

Marty: “Thanks, Deb. The Indian paintbrush was stunning.”

Deb: “It’s Spanish broom.”

Later that evening . . . .

Marty: “Deb, what were those yellow flowers again . . . Spanish paintbrush?”

Deb: “Spanish broom!”

So anyway . . . today’s photo of the day is of Deb’s yellow flower thingies.

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