Marty’s photo of the day #3605: This year, with Republicans holding overwhelming power in every Montana state office, I wasn’t as active about speaking out against their actions as I have in the past. That’s because of the helplessness of knowing these cruel, proudly-Christian people were going to do whatever they damn well pleased, and no logic or plea for decency was going to stop them. And they delivered. The legislature and our law-breaking, body-slamming, Governor Gianforte sadistically went after minorities and animals and then knelt before the altar of “Guns! Guns! Everywhere!” . . . . Because Jesus loves guns!

Today’s photo is of a black bear (even though she’s almost red). While a normal human being would say, “What a gorgeous bear!” Montana Republicans said, “Sic the hounds on it!” and passed HB 468 to allow cowardly, redneck hunters to do just that. But hey, I guess with unchecked power, Montana’s Republican Party really wanted to capitalize on Jesus’s cruel streak.