After right-wing Christians elected Donald Trump, he promptly pulled America out of the Paris Agreement and gutted our country’s environmental laws, setting himself up to become the most prolific slow-killer of all-time. Trump will also be responsible for thousands of COVID-19 deaths because he put his ego and greed over the lives of his constituents. Meanwhile, multiple evangelists raked in money while assuring their followers that “God would protect America from COVID-19”; Jerry Falwell Jr. called students back to his cult college, Liberty University, after spring break; and the Life Tabernacle Church defied Louisiana’s ban on large public gatherings and entertained 500 people at their services yesterday.

How ironic that these right-wing Christians have no problem calling Muslims “terrorists” and women who have abortions “murderers.” When this COVID-19/Donald Trump pandemic ends, voters must not forget the role the Christian-Right played in this dark time in our history. While there are, of course, large numbers of Christians who are just as appalled by what has happened as the rest of us, for the sake of our future, we must elect science-believing politicians, build an impenetrable wall between church and state—and get rid of the God damn religious tax deductions!