This week’s Mueller Investigation events, as interpreted by Marty Essen:

1) Robert Mueller presents his report to Trump’s toady, William Barr.

2) Attorney General Toady takes the extensive Mueller report, ignores what might hurt Crybaby Trump, creates a four-page summary that the Crybaby and his cult can campaign on, and presents it to the House of Representatives.

3) The House of Representatives demands the full report.

4) Attorney General Toady makes up a bullshit excuse that essentially says, “You can’t have it until I go through it and cross out all the bad stuff and claim it to be classified.”

5) Crybaby publicly says, “I’m fine with releasing the report,” while privately warning Attorney General Toady, “I hired you to protect me. Cross me and I will fire you!”

6) To distract Americans and froth-up Fox News, Republicans and the Crybaby scream righteous indignation and demand that Democratic House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff resign for ever suggesting that Trump colluded with the Russians.

7) Adam Schiff responds with a brilliant speech to the Republicans on his committee (who spend the time looking awkwardly at their feet) that is worthy of Joseph N. Welch’s “Have you no decency?” speech in the Joseph McCarthy hearings. Or, as it sounded like to me: “Fuck you Republicans! We all know what’s happening here.”