Nature photography, political rants, and Martyman laughs from the ten-time award-winning author of "Cool Creatures, Hot Planet," "Endangered Edens," and the "Time Is Irreverent" series.

Brett Kavanaugh please report to . . .

“On behalf of our nation, I would like to apologize to Brett and his family for the terrible pain and suffering that you have been forced to endure.”
—Donald Treason Trump (at Brett Blackout Kavanaugh ceremonial swearing-in)

“On behalf of our 65,844,954 sane American voters, I would like to apologize to the rest of the world for the terrible pain and suffering we have all been forced to endure, due to an incompetent, insecure sexual predator and his bigoted, poorly educated followers. We will defeat the Cult of Trumpism, starting on November 6!”
—Marty Essen


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