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Wars are seldom fought for American interests

Marty’s photo of the day #2476: Quick! Name a war in the last 70 years that the United States fought that later you thought, “Wow! I’m sure glad we got involved in that one.” Can you? I didn’t think so.

That’s because the biggest lie that politicians and the military tell us is that our young men and women need to put their lives on the line for “American interests.” If they were truthful, they would say that young men and women need to put their lives on the line for “my political interests” or for “corporation interests” or for “military contractor interests.”

I’m in a suburb of Washington, DC today to present my show, “Around the World in 50 Minutes,” at Northern Virginia Community College. I took this photo of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial the last time I was here. Etched into the wall are 58,318 names of Americans who died because of the Vietnam War. Can anyone honestly say that sacrificing those 58,318 people was good for America?

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