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I resolve not to spit in the face . . .

Marty’s photo of the day #2394: The Republican-led Senate just passed their tax bill, which is a giveaway to the rich (Jesus’s favorite people) and opens up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling (because Jesus thinks wilderness looks better covered with oil spills). Consequently, here is my New Year’s Resolution: I resolve not to spit in the face of the next person who says to me, “I vote Republican because I am a Christian.”

I’m starting my resolution early, because I’m so angry at these horrible, horrible people, who piously hide behind their religion and their god. How convenient to have a god who agrees with whatever personally benefits your greedy pus-sucking self! I know there are Christians who don’t side with the Republican syphilis (many are my friends), but do know that these people affect the perception of Christians in general. Just like Muslims have a problem with their extremes, so do Christians with theirs. Please speak out to your own.

I took this photo in Prudhoe Bay, just a little to the west of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The syphilis pus-suckers think this looks great and can’t wait to expand it east into the refuge. As the Republican Jesus says in the Book of Greed 3:16, “I love the smell of oil-soaked money in the morning!”


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