Marty’s photo of the day #4803: When President Biden and Convicted Felon Trump argued last night about their golf game, it may have been the single most embarrassing moment in U.S. presidential debate history. I don’t give a fuck about how far either man can hit a fucking golf ball! As a voter, what would have impressed me was if one of the men had the balls to say this:

“I don’t golf because golf is the single most environmentally damaging game ever invented. It sucks up valuable natural resources, and the pesticides and fertilizers used to keep the grass green leach into our rivers and oceans. The damage caused to the environment so old fucks like us can hit a ball into a cup is simply unconscionable. And when you think about it, since golf doesn’t involve speed, defense, or sweat, it’s not even a sport—it’s a fucking game. Really, the only thing golf does is create deformed frogs!” Now, if all golf courses were like this one that I photographed in the Australian Outback, I might have a different feeling about golf. At least having to avoid the venomous inland taipans and eastern brown snakes would make the game somewhat sporting.