Marty’s photo of the day #4591: Three months ago, when Deb and I traveled to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, we drove all the way to the town of Port Hardy, on the northern tip of the island. We stayed there for three days and ate at the Sporty Bar & Grill twice. The first time there, we had low expectations, but in a town so small our options were limited. As it turned out the food was excellent, and we discovered an amazing pizza combination: smoked salmon and pineapple.

Deb tried to recreate that smoked salmon and pineapple pizza at home last night. The home version was good, but not as amazing as what we had on Vancouver Island.

What does pizza have to do with this photo? The first time we ate at the Sporty Bar & Grill, I parked my blue Ford Maverick truck behind the white full-sized Ford truck. Even though I owned a full-sized Ford F-150 for years, I never realized the size difference until that moment. When inside my new Ford Maverick, it doesn’t feel small at all, and we managed to carry a large cooler, a tent, sleeping bags, food, water, etc. in the back. Sure, we had to pack carefully, but we never felt cramped. Best of all, we got well over double the gas mileage of a full-size truck. Yeah, I think the outside size difference is more of an optical illusion than anything. My little Maverick looks like such a baby!