Marty’s photo of the day #4609: Once Christians can set aside Jesus’s disdain for money as depicted in the Bible, the rest is easy to accept: The enormously wealthy Catholic Church declaring individual bankruptcies to avoid paying court-ordered penalties for child sexual abuse, mega churches and televangelists shoveling in the money while virtually ignoring the poor, the Republican Party getting rich off Christians while poisoning the planet, and support for Hitler (as was done by the Catholic and Lutheran churches in Germany), and the idolization of Donald Trump and the willingness to vote for him no matter what.

Here’s where I insert my “not all” clause. Yes, obviously, not all Christians. The evil and greedy bastards don’t need everyone, just a majority to go along with each particular situation. But wouldn’t an all-knowing God have thought of such things before creating a religion around himself?

I shot today’s photo in a Madrid, Spain church. Just imagine how many disabled and starving people all that gold could feed on Christmas Day!