Marty’s photo of the day #4503: “Woof everyone! Nellie here. Dad is busy packing, so I’m taking over his post today. Mom and Dad were going to take me all the way to the top of Canada, but that trip got canceled because huge forest fires are blocking our way. Apparently these fires are burning largely because of a creature called a Republican. For 280 dog-years these creatures have taken the side of big polluters and lifted their legs on anyone trying to provide alternatives to those polluters. I don’t know what a Republican is, but I think they’re a type of squirrel.

“So since we can’t go to the top of Canada, Mom and Dad are doing something called improvising. We’re still going to Canada, only we’re heading west to Vancouver Island instead. I really don’t care where we go, as long as Mom and Dad take me with them.

“One thing Mom and Dad were talking about last night was that we might be able to see something called an orca whale when we get to the island. I don’t know what an orca whale is either, but if Mom and Dad are excited about them, I’m excited too. I hear that they are big, so I’m gonna ask Dad if I can bring along my favorite big stick. That way, if the orcas want to play, I’ll have a stick we can use!”