Marty’s photo of the day #4456: Yeah, I know it’s just a bowl of soup. And yeah, I know that posting food pictures is way out of character for me. But this is my special last bowl of soup. No, I’m not fucking dying. But I have been home alone all week. Well, not totally alone, Nellie is here, of course, and she’d love this bowl of soup. But since onions are very bad for dogs, and the soup has onions in it, Nellie doesn’t understand why I can’t give it to her.

The story behind this final bowl of soup is that my amazing wife, Deb, made me a huge pot of it before she left to teach at the NEWS weaving conference in Worcester, Massachusetts. I’m perfectly capable of cooking, after all I took the Bachelor Survival class in junior high, but I just don’t have the patience for it. (i.e. I tend to add all the ingredients at once—damn the order!)

So I’ve been eating soup for most lunches and dinners all week. Yeah, even the best soup gets tiring after a while. But that’s what having a variety of hot sauces are for—a different one for each bowl. Soup is also great for losing weight. This isn’t the first time Deb has left me with a pot of soup, and I always lose three-to-four pounds a pot.

So anyway, I’m very much appreciating my wife this week. She’ll return late Sunday night, and after I have this bowl for Saturday’s lunch, I will make myself a big batch of spaghetti to get through the rest of the weekend. And if you’re thinking I’m going to carefully simmer fresh tomatoes and garlic and whatever the fuck else goes into spaghetti sauce, you haven’t been paying attention. No, I will dump a jar of factory-made spaghetti sauce atop factory-made spaghetti noodles. Isn’t it enough that I will actually boil the noodles and actually heat up the sauce before eating it? That’s a skill I learned in Bachelor Survival class!