As someone who has written four novels that some consider blasphemous, or at the very least irreverent, I have to laugh at the entire concept of blasphemy. If the god that is being satirized is real and powerful, why would that god need the help of people to defend itself?

As I’ve witnessed with my novels, offended believers will go out of their way to attack—especially if they haven’t read more than a summary of them.

I bring this up because Christian groups have their panties all in a twist because The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are performing tonight at the Los Angeles Dodgers’ baseball game. It doesn’t matter that every Sunday, at every Major League Baseball game in America, the entire audience is ordered to stand, take off their hats, and sing God Bless America!

So Christians at Major League games get a special, forced-participation, presentation every fucking Sunday, claiming the good things in America for their god (but not the bad, of course), yet a satirical group with a differing opinion can’t even get one fucking night at one fucking baseball stadium!

Today, Christian groups are holding a day of prayer and will be protesting tonight at the baseball stadium. Ironically, unless a lightning bolt comes down from the sky and incinerates The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, these Christian groups will have proven one of two things: either their god has a bigger sense of humor than they have, or their god does not exist and is therefore worthy of all the satire The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence can dish out!