Marty’s photo of the day #4423: Fine. I fucking give up! When I’m at home, I have multiple landline business phones, multiple high-quality stereo systems, multiple cameras, multiple computers, and multiple tablets. Why the fuck would I need a smartphone? The only two times I need a cell phone are  when I’m on the road on a speaking tour or when I go on my morning bike ride and need to call my wife to retrieve me because I took a serious header or got a flat.

Therefore, I might be the last person in America with a flip-phone. Today, reluctantly, I have to say goodbye to that trusty flip-phone and say hello to my new smartphone. I held out as long as I could, but two incidents convinced me that I couldn’t hold out any longer. The first was when my wife and I went to an Evanescence concert last year and the only way to get in was with a “smartphone ticket.” (My wife had a smartphone, so we were okay.) The second was when I performed a show at the University of Delaware a few months ago. I was having trouble locating the building where I was going to speak and my contact said, “I just texted you a campus map.” Somewhat embarrassed, I had to respond, “I don’t have that kind of cell phone.”

So I fucking give up! I bought a fairly high-end Samsung phone, because I refuse to be one of those people who upgrades every time a new fucking model comes out. And you won’t see me going around taking photos with my new phone. No! I’m a photographer and photographers use real fucking cameras!

I think I’ve just written my first curmudgeonly post. Oh fuck, that wasn’t supposed to happen for at least another twenty-five fucking years!