Marty’s photo of the day #4356: For the past sixteen years, Earth Day and the surrounding weeks have been the most popular time for presentations of my show, Around the World in 90 Minutes. Mostly I perform at colleges, but since colleges rarely book weekend shows, I try to fill weekends on the road with shows at museums, zoos, and nature centers.

That was the case last Saturday, when I performed a show at the Trailside Nature & Science Center in New Jersey. Among my favorite weekend shows are facilities that have rescue animals, as I always get a behind-the-scenes tour. For instance, on last year’s Earth Week tour, I got to hold raptors at the Tanglewood Nature Center in New York, and a few years before that I got to serve as a human-tree for this opossum at the Oglebay Good Zoo in West Virginia.

Last week someone walked out of my show, when I showed a photo of what the Arctic looked like untouched by humans next to a photo of the hideous Prudhoe Bay Oil Field. Yeah, the truth hurts. But I will continue to be one of those “radical environmentalists” that Republicans love to hate/fear. So my message to all the environmentalists out there today is not “Happy Earth Day.” Instead, it’s don’t shut the fuck up!