Marty’s photo of the day #4355: I experienced a bit of anxiety flying home from Syracuse, NY yesterday. I had the afternoon flight, and just before getting on it United Airlines announced that they were going to have to route around a storm, which would extend the flight-time by more than an hour. To make matters worse, a delay in Syracuse caused us to take off 20 minutes late. Since I only had an hour layover until my connecting flight―going from Denver to Missoula―it appeared as if I would be stuck overnight in Denver, with no luggage. But I kept watching the airline app and we made up more and more time.

Once we landed in Denver we were only a minute late. I was impressed! And then we sat on the tarmac for 25 minutes because we had a gate change, and the driver for the jet bridge didn’t show up!

After that, I had a sprint―from the far end of the A gates to the far end of the B gates―but I made it. Yeah, and I’m one of those rebels that still wears a facemask on planes and in airports, so that added to the “fun” of the run.

Once I got to Missoula, again the airport experienced a jet bridge delay, and after that “The Slowest Baggage Handlers in America” demonstrated that they were bound and determined to hold onto their long-held title. But the bottom line is that I made it.

And once I got home the snow, which had uncharacteristically stayed on the ground all year, had disappeared. Yay spring had arrived!

Oh, not so fast. I just shot this photo out of my writing room window. All this snow has arrived within the last hour―and it’s coming down so fast you can’t even see the mountains.