Marty’s photo of the day #4250: Recently, I’ve been featuring a lot of photos from Deb’s and my epic adventure to the top of Canada, because I discovered some photo files on CD that I had unknowingly deleted from my computer years ago. This one, taken somewhere in Alberta, got me all choked up, as it features my favorite dog, Annie, along with my favorite wife, Deb. Well, Deb is my only wife, so she wins by default. Okay, even if I had had as many wives as dogs, Deb would still be my favorite.

Annie played a huge part in my first book, Cool Creatures, Hot Planet: Exploring the Seven Continents. Not only was she the star of the Canada chapter, but she was also by my side for the entire twelve thousand hours it took me to write the book. She died of cancer on the day I finished the manuscript, and I dedicated Cool Creatures, Hot Planet to her.

Most of you are familiar with Nellie, the current favorite dog in my life. I often ask myself if I could go to Dog Heaven (the only heaven I’d want to go to) when I die, and I had to choose one dog, which would it be? I honestly don’t know. Annie was the sweetest, most dedicated dog I’ve ever had. On the other hand, Nellie is the smartest, funniest dog I’ve ever had. How do you choose between sweetness and laughter?