Marty’s photo of the day #3872: I took this photo several years ago, while on a college speaking tour. It is one of my favorite New York City shots. I post this today because I am putting together a beautiful East Coast speaking tour for Earth Week that will take me to New York, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. Unfortunately, because of selfish, idiotic, asshole, anti-vaxxers, there is no guarantee the tour will happen. My February college speaking tour was just cancelled because of anti-vaxxer assholes. This pandemic would be well-under control, if right-wingers didn’t have to “own the libs,” lazy people would wear their fucking masks, Trumper parents would give a shit about their children, and paranoid people would open their eyes and see that COVID-19 vaccinations have been around for more than a year and are safe! This truly is the era of the selfish, the unthinking, and the easily manipulated.