The Electoral College certification process is going to make January 6th a wild day. Cosplay right-wingers will descend on Washington like flies descend on Mike Pence’s head. And inside the United States Capitol, at the joint session of Congress, roughly 140 Republicans will attempt to toss aside the presidential election and turn America in to a theocracy, led by “God’s choice” Donald Trump.

Those Republicans will fail, but Americans must never forget that nearly 70 percent of Republicans in the House of Representatives advocated for a civil war. Yes, that’s what would happen if their last ditch effort to keep their cult leader in office were successful. I mean, do you really think the 81 million people who voted for Joe Biden will just shrug their shoulders and say, “Oh, well! I guess Trump gets another four years.”?

When I wrote the novel “Time Is Irreverent,” four years ago, I was inspired by a poll showing that over half of Republicans favored a Christian theocracy. Even so, I’m surprised how close to reality that science fiction novel has come. The difference is that in real life we don’t have heroes Marty Mann and Nellie Dixon to go back in time and fix things. Here we must do it ourselves.

Donald Trump isn’t an anomaly, and the GOP won’t suddenly go back to being the “loyal opposition” when he is gone. The Republican Party is un-American, anti-Democratic, and they will lie and cheat at every opportunity. We must never forget that this presidential election was when the Republicans showed the world that they really and truly don’t give a shit about America or its people. All that matters to them is greed and power.