Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham is pleading with the Democrats not to impeach Donald Trump again. His reasoning is that Trump made a helpful statement, he’s going to be a good boy for his final eleven days, and that an impeachment will further divide us.

Why is it that Republicans can be racist, hateful, greedy, and murderous, and as soon as the Democrats fight back they get away with saying, “You shouldn’t divide us”? Fuck them! In no way has the past four years (actually much more than that) been anywhere close to 50 percent each party’s fault. What has happened is 99 percent due to Republican actions. In fact, the Democrats have been way too timid in reacting.

The Dems need to impeach Trump next week; let Mitch McConnell delay the Senate hearing until the Dems take control on January 20; and then convict the motherfucker and vote to prevent him from ever holding public office again!

There is no law that says Trump has to be convicted by the Senate before he leaves office. Also, a conviction will take away Trump’s yearly pension and perks that include reimbursement for travel expenses, office staff, and insurance (contrary to some reports, nothing can take away his Secret Service protection). That’s a small price for the wanna-be dictator to pay for all the chaos and deaths he has caused.

Then, once Trump is out on the streets, let the legal system deal with him as it would deal with any other citizen who has committed similar crimes. The worst president in American history must not walk away unscathed simply because he said he’d be a good boy for the next eleven days!