Marty’s photo of the day #3410: Today is day #6 of my 2,600-mile “Don’t Get COVID-19 and Die Tour.” The snowstorm has passed, and now I’m going to attempt to make it the last 150 miles (from Dillon, MT to Victor, MT). Well, actually, that’s now 225 miles, because I checked the webcam at the top of Lost Trail Pass, and the road does not look conducive to my rental van and its near-treadless tires. Instead, I’m going to take the long way, sticking to the freeways up and around through Missoula. I guess I traveled backwards in my sleep.

Today’s photo is from a few days ago in Arizona, when blizzards were the last thing on my mind. Back then it was simply, “Oh, no! The Rock People are invading!”