Here’s a perfect example of what is so fucking wrong with conservative Republicans: Millions of them are terrified that some poor person will get some government benefit that they don’t deserve. Such talk is standard on Fox News. Yet Judy Kudlow, the wife of Donald Trump’s top economic advisor Larry Kudlow, very publicly applied for one of the SBA COVID-19 small business loans. The federal money for such loans is limited and may run out soon. Judy is a self-employed painter, and together the Kudlows have a net worth of $25 million!

Conversely, my wife and I are liberal Democrats. Deb is a self-employed fiber artist and I’m an author/college speaker. My April college speaking tour was wiped out by COVID-19 and so was any momentum for the April 1 release of my latest book. We don’t have anywhere near the wealth of the Kudlows, but since we are doing okay, we aren’t applying for any of the COVID-19 benefits—because it just feels wrong when others need them more than we do.

That, my friends, is the difference between conservative thinking and liberal thinking. Conservatives think me, me, me! Liberals think about others. And without a doubt, Deb and I aren’t the only liberals forgoing benefits for those who need it more. It’s how we are wired!