Sometimes bad news can be good news. Soon Senate Republicans will reject impeachment witnesses and acquit Traitor Trump. When that happens, their white-supremacist and evangelical Christian cult will celebrate without realizing that the acquittal will backfire bigly. That’s because the rest of America will know that the GOP sold out their country to protect the worst president ever.

Traitor Trump and his GOP conspirators will have forever sealed their fate in history as America’s most shamelessly corrupt politicians. While I won’t go as far as to declare an inevitable Democratic landslide in November, I still have faith in Americans to ultimately do the right thing. And if the GOP isn’t handedly defeated, America is lost as a country anyway—at least one that stands for anything worthwhile.

So when Trump is acquitted—with no witnesses—go ahead and be angry and even protest, but know deep-down that this was the best realistic outcome of the trial. The GOP wasn’t going to convict. They did, however, do the next best thing: they committed suicide.