I feel like I should write something about the impeachment of Donald Trump, but we’ve all known how this is going to turn out for months: Impeachment will pass the House on party lines (give or take a few people) and go to the GOP-controlled Senate, where they will fail to convict on similar party lines. Trump and his minions will then declare victory and continue their crime spree.

The good to come out of this is that history will look back and see that the Democrats acted in America’s best interests and that the Republicans proved that both they and their conservative Christian cult only cared about winning—as if this were a football game. Oh, and one more thing: Republicans and conservative Christians will be saddled with their extreme tribalism and dishonesty for the rest of their lives. Never again will they be able to claim the high ground on ethics or religious grounds. They’ll win the battle, but lose the war (the 2020 Election).