With the Trump Administration now forcing the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate themselves in a criminal probe aimed at clearing Russia from their interference with the 2016 election and instead switching the blame to the Democrats, there should be little doubt in any sane person’s mind that Donald Trump is a Russian asset.

At one time it was fun to wonder if Putin had a golden shower video of Trump to hold over his head. Now it’s no longer fun—and there’s no need to wonder. Putin very likely has much more than just a video: Is it money laundering? Is it debts to the Russian mob? Is it all of the above? Who knows! And even if the Russian angle is incorrect, the alternative angle is just as disturbing—because if Russia isn’t behind “investigating the investigators,” then it is simply an unstable madman in the White House using the Justice Department to prop up his insecure ego, which can’t handle anyone thinking his “greatest election victory” is tainted.

These are scary times for America. Can you imagine what would be happening now if the Democrats hadn’t won a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2018? The Dems must dominate the 2020 election!