Like many of you, I get frustrated that Donald Trump has scandal after scandal and always seems to escape. His cult is very effective at either just not caring or not having the brains God gave an animal cracker. To see for yourself, visit Townhall(dot)com, where at this moment Trump is a saint and the Democrats are Satan. That said, this week’s scandal is different in several ways:

1) The whistleblower is a CIA officer who followed protocol to the letter.

2) What we have seen as plain as day is that Trump has been compromised. We know that word-for-word records of the Ukraine phone call are not the only call records Trump’s lawyers have hidden away. We also know the leader of any country talking with Trump over the phone would also have a recording or transcript of their calls. That’s why Trump is compromised. He’s not capable of having a disciplined, presidential conversation, and he has put America’s national security at risk. Who knows how many countries have damaging information to hold over Trump’s head, unless he “does them a favor”?

3) Trump was recorded yesterday threatening the informants in the whistleblower case with death (He spoke in Trump code—calling it treason and then commenting on what used to happen to people who committed treason.) That is blatant witness tampering.

The bottom line is that one way or another, Trump is going down this time. The only question is if Republicans in congress will go into self-preservation mode, jump ship, and convict, or if Republicans will stay by his side and go down in a massive 2020 Blue Wave. Either way, it’s bye-bye Crybaby President KKKlueless!