Yesterday Führer Trump tweeted: “I wonder if the New York Times will apologize to me a second time, as they did after the 2016 Election. But this one will have to be a far bigger & better apology. On this one they will have to get down on their knees & beg for forgiveness-they are truly the Enemy of the People!”

Aside from the fact that America’s führer is not yet in a straitjacket, what concerns me most is that Republicans and conservative Christians are totally unconcerned about the dictatorial words of their cult leader. But then, they’re used to kneeling before Trump and quite like the taste of his fetid mushroom dick in their mouths. This, by the way, is why I’m not for impeachment. Even if successful, impeachment won’t shorten the führer’s time in office, and it will only galvanize the fetid dick suckers. I’d much rather see a humiliating defeat for both Trump and his minions in 2020. Only then can America put this dark, hate-filled political experiment behind us once and for all.