Donald Trump will forever be the worst president in the United States, because he is the only president who openly tries to entice his fans to kill for him. In my opinion, he already succeeded once, by giving the man who would become the Capital Gazette shooter that extra push, that extra permission, to kill journalists.

Now he’s trying to entice his unhinged fans (actually cultists) to kill Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. This he did by tweeting a video of her with an out-of-context statement, interspersed with video footage of airplanes crashing into the twin towers on 9/11. Should someone take the bait and follow through with his instructions, Trump will, of course, proclaim his innocence, and Republicans and conservative Christians will back him up, saying, “He can’t be responsible for the actions of others.”

Unfortunately, members of congress generally don’t get much protection, and it’s not difficult to learn what flight they are coming home on. When Max Baucus was a Montana senator, he and I would sometimes run into each other in the Minneapolis Airport and catch the same airplane to Missoula. It was easy to talk with him about specific bills he was considering, and all who ever met him at the gate were a couple of staffers. I sincerely hope Congresswoman Omar has more people protecting her than Senator Baucus did.

Despite claims from Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Pat Robertson, and Franklin Graham that Trump was appointed by God, this is not what Christianity—or America—is supposed to be about. No one should ever have to fear for their safety because the President of the United States tweeted a video intended to enrage his fans to attack another human being.