Yesterday I posted a couple 1-star reviews to demonstrate the difficulties of writing liberal books when conservatives, who haven’t even read the story, try to bring them down—as if they were doing a favor for Trump. Today, I’d like to post some of the shorter 5-star reviews for my latest novel Time Is Irreverent 2: Jesus Christ, Not Again! When people actually read the book, they love it!

“READ THIS BOOK! Fantastic LOVED EVERY WORD! If only there were time traveling aliens that wanted to save us from ourselves….and hind brains.”

“Excellent sequel. It was wonderful reading the two books back to back. I so hope for more adventures with Marty and Nellie. Fun, funny, thought provoking. Highly recommended unless you are a Trump supporter.”

“Time travel was never so hilarious!!! I love just about any time travel sci fi, but one with humor made it the best. An absolutely fun read!!! Cannot wait for the next book!”

“Very awesome. What a great and hilarious story.”

“A wonderful romp through space, time and love. Marty’s follow-up to Time is Irreverent surpasses that previous work. I loved it!”

“Lighthearted but socially meaningful. Loved this book! Its easy to read and light hearted, but I love the perspective it gave to our present world and possible futures. I look forward to more Marty/Nellie adventures!”

“Crazy, fun adventures. This book made me laugh as I followed their crazy adventures. If you’re a Bible fanatic, stay away. But if you have an open mind and understand that this book if just fiction and just for fun, you’ve got to read this story and the prior book. Such a fun ride! I’d love to time travel all over the place like Marty and Nellie do!!”

“Christianity rewritten with love for all. Perspective is important as those who win are the ones who write the history books. Seeing history and it’s parallels in current life treated so funnily and sometimes so shockingly is certainly irreverent. Looking forward to the next installment.”

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