Marty’s photo of the day #2743: Greetings from Genova, Italy! Deb and I spent a big part of our day lost. Basically, our GPS wasn’t quite precise enough to direct us on the turns we needed to make. Then we had to leave our car in a parking ramp and walk about a half-mile to the apartment we rented. That also got us lost, because we had to climb a long rock stairway that split into multiple directions. A friendly local man helped us find the apartment. Unfortunately we couldn’t get inside, since the automatic locks had to be tripped via a cell phone, but our cell phones don’t work in Italy. Finally, a fortyish couple from the nearby university stopped to help us by lending us their cell phone. Yay for friendly Italians!

All in all it worked out great. In fact, we are having lunch tomorrow with the strangers—now friends—from the university who helped us. I always carry a copy of Time Is Irreverent with me, so I was able to give them a signed copy as a thank you. Sometimes getting lost is just the thing to do.

Today’s photo is from last night in Florence, Italy. This is the Duomo Cathedral. The Catholics have way, way too much money!