Marty’s photo of the day #2758: We are in day two of what could be the biggest internet outage in U.S. history. So once again, I’m using my backup provider. What I’ve been able to glean from news stories is that the problem originates at CenturyLink. I don’t use CenturyLink for internet, but my primary provider obviously uses their network. Telecommunications companies are so intermingled that an outage with one company can affect countless others.

For nineteen years, Deb and I ran Essen Communications Corporation (ECC), which provided land lines throughout Montana. For much of that time we utilized the CenturyLink network. While I’m limited to what I can divulge on Facebook, let me just say that my personal experiences with CenturyLink were not pleasant and this huge outage does not surprise me at all. As of December 31, ECC will no longer be in the phone business—and we are thrilled to be out! Deb has her weaving business and weaving writing, and I have my talent agency, college speaking, and “Time Is Irreverent” book series to continue writing. We won’t be bored.

Add the internet outage to the ongoing Donald Trump-induced United States outage, and today seems like a good day for a peaceful photo that I took in Alberta, Canada. Ah, Canada! Where at this moment, pretty much everything is better than it is in the United States.