When you hear Donald Trump and the Republican Cult claim the Blue Wave didn’t happen, keep these figures in mind:

Total Republican votes for House: 48,370,608
Total Democratic votes for House: 53,305,729

Total Republican votes for Senate: 34,260,424
Total Democratic votes for Senate: 47,886,605

Total Republican votes for Governor: 41,331,517
Total Democratic votes for Governor: 42,392,101

Yes, in all three major election categories the Republicans got their asses kicked. Overall America has rejected Republican bigotry and their attempts to destroy health care and the environment. All that saved them from losing the Senate was geography and having fewer seats to defend than the Democrats.

Even in conservative Montana, the most important race went to the Democrats. I can’t say it enough: Donald Trump came to Montana a record four times; Mike Pence came three times; and Donald Trump Jr. practically lived in the state. Nevertheless, Senator Jon Tester persisted and defeated his Republican challenger with a larger percentage of the overall votes than he earned in his two previous election wins. Yes, Donald Trump is a first class loser!

On the negative side, I feel like the United States is becoming South Africa during apartheid. It will be a long fight, but ultimately the United States must get rid of the Electoral College and other antiquated rules that give the minority party the power to rule here. But that’s a post for another day. Did I say Donald Trump is a loser?